written & directed

by Leonard Rääf

‘Gorillas’ is a music video for the Danish-British duo ‘rosegold’. The music duo and the label gave Leonard Rääf and Holocene Studios full creative freedom in making the music video – which resulted in this meticulously selected retro mob-flick.

Gorillas by rosegold feat. Rockie Rose

Story/Directed by Leonard Rääf
Produced by Flook L. Nielsen

Producer: Christoffer Holst
Director of Photography: Kristian Arbs
1AD: Mathias Skaarup Schmidt
Editor: Leonard Rääf
Colorist: Naps
Production Design: Mathias Skaarup Schmidt
Costume: Leonard Rääf
Talent Manager: Nithuchan Ravendren
Production Manager: Louis Jablonski

Film lab: Focus Film Stockholm
Shot partially with Kodak 16mm VISION3 200T 5213/7213

a Holocene Studios Production.