Leonard Rääf

Film Director

& Multidisciplinary Creator

Leonard Rääf is a director, filmmaker and freelance creator – who has passionately been making films since the first time he felt the rush of motion pictures, at the age of 7 years old. Before picking up his dad’s old camera, the pencil was his main weapon, which parallel to filmmaking led him into the mastering of digital design.

Leonard Rääf - Film Director and Creator
Leonard Rääf - Film Director and Creator

Filmmaking in Paris

& Working in Advertising

Before moving to Paris to study and work within filmmaking, Leonard worked as a film director at an advertising agency in Sweden. Now he is back in Scandinavia, continuing his career as a film director and freelance creator in Copenhagen – but with a greater focus towards narrative filmmaking.

leo@leonardraaf.com | +46 76 336 24 44 | Copenhagen, Denmark